Life - A foggy morning run

Sunday 12th October

I had a great steady 10 mile run this morning, round the local woods and surrounding areas. 

Ran with a friend of mine and kept the pace to a really slow, to simply aid recovery from previous runs. Sadly, I do have a tendency from time to time to ultimately run to quick. Like to get the pain over with quickly, but in the long run it doesn't do any good. Must learn!

Training is going really well, slowly ramping up the miles as I move out of the build up stage. More miles to come, but if I can happily do some miles in the week and then a longer run at the weekend, I will be more than delighted.

Today's weather was fantastic, fog in abundance. Rolling over the hills and in amongst the woodland.

Really enjoyed being out! Here are a few pictures. 


The route up to Clipstone Woods


Harvesting in the fog


Fenced in