Life - Pedal on

In recent months I have been cycling back from work each day. The journey has been about 20 miles in total (most direct route) and I have been completing the journey for 4 days of the working week. This is mainly due to having other commitments on the 5th day.

Since the half term holidays, in February, I have started to slowly ramp up the distances and have now totaled 98, 123 and 127 miles each week. This increase has mainly come about due to me completing a longer distance on the Friday, where I basically cycle down the coastal path and then cut inland to make my way back home. I'm also completing 5 days of cycling, which is really positive.

My goal is to now cycle both ways...

From door to door that should be around 40 miles a day and 200 ish miles a week. It sometimes feels a little daunting, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far, with my only nemesis being the wind. In such a flat, exposed land, that can be awful.

Nevertheless, I'm very hardy and don't easily give up or give in. I just have to strike the right balance with suitable clothing and of course suitable fuel for the engine.

With that in mind, I have lost weight, trimmed up and feel much, much stronger for doing all this. Of course, I do have my moments and often crave a rush of sugar, but the importance of disciplining myself is driving me on to big things.

- The following image is taken on my IPhone, after a brief stop to take the photo and of course admire the view.

Thankfully on this particular day the wind was behind me.

You can see more images of my travels and adventures on my Instagramfeed @gm8ty

You can also follow my cycling exploits here

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