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All images are taken by myself and more are frequently available here on my Instagram feed.



A favourite time of year

Of all the seasons, Autumn is most definitely my favourite time of the year. There is something about the end of the long summer and the start of the long winter that I really find inspiring. 

Maybe its the changes in weather patterns or perhaps how the landscape begins to slowly change from lush green to almost emptiness. Either way, I love these conditions and I continually find it motivating and of significant inspiration within my life today.

Following my passion of cycling, running or hiking in Autumnal conditions always seems to satisfy the soul and definitely keeps me content. Allowing time to appreciate the things I have and to focus on the things I'd like to achieve in the months and years ahead.


Autumn colours

The Autumn colour palette inspires me as it begins to change, with streams of early morning light continually adding to its wondrous appeal.

The annual Autumn leaf change is one such phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of so many deciduous trees and shrubs. During the few weeks of the autumn season, various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown are evident. Creating the perfect spectacle of nature's finest display. One that I really enjoy. 



The atmosphere of Autumn is something that continually captivates my attention, something that I find both motivating, peaceful, mystical and moody.

Driven by mist and fog, a scene or landscape can change dramatically from one of an uninspiring sense to one of interest or perfection.

To capture such images in these conditions is so worthwhile. It allows you to view things in a completely different way and with clever editing techniques a photo of interest can be manipulated into a masterpiece.


Get Outside

Autumn provides many unique opportunities to simply get outside and explore the glorious surroundings.

Taking a walk or run in the fresh air, or a cycle ride in the early frost bitten morn, is one such way to simply unwind and collect your thoughts. 

Throughout the season I end up exploring many different and inspiring places, in search of fresh air and a growing sense of freedom. With my camera in hand it allows me to capture the essence of what is all around.


Just a man with a camera

Like most people. I'm nothing special, just a man with a camera, attempting to document my life by 'capturing the world as I see it'.

Photography is merely a hobby, a opportunity for me to capture a moment and establish a memory. Hopefully to be re-viewed in the years that follow.

All of my images are inspired by the great outdoors. These images of Autumn are from both England and the Netherlands. The two places, I probably call my home. Frequently, travelling between the two, as I continue to document the pages in life's great story.

They depict my view of Autumn, in these rich and pleasant landscapes. To which I find both continually inspiring and fulfilling for myself as a person.


The Netherlands

The following sequence of images depicts Autumnal days in the Netherlands. They are all taken while I travel to and from work, on my bike. Where fog and mist is prevalent across the flat lands of the Polders. On brighter days strong beams of light often cascade through the woodland areas and within the city parks.

All of the images shown below are captured using my Samsung Smartphone. I'm no expert, but achieve these shots I have used the Pro Mode function on the camera and change the settings accordingly. The Pro mode is really good and after some tinkering, you can really establish some great photos. To stabilise the shot and avoid unwanted noise and distortion. I tend to use the image stabiliser button on the camera itself and I also tend to use a tripod. Due to me travelling to work, I tend to use my mini tripod or my Gorilla, which is flexible and can grip onto a variety of surfaces and it fits into my bag.

Once the shots have been taken I tend to edit them using the popular apps VSCO and Snapseed. They seem to work best for me and I personally find they give me the opportunity to get out of the photograph... what I really want.



The following images shows Autumnal days in the England and the areas surrounding my childhood home. Here I endeavor to capture the essence of Autumn in some of the finest surroundings, the Peak District National Park. A place I love. A place with so much history and sights to see. Visit Peak District.


Thank You

I would like to extend a big thank you to all who read my work. I'm continually inspired and encouraged by anyone that does. In the process of creating content it is also invaluable to receive feedback, that allows me to strive and develop things in a creative way, using elements of this great world, to continually inspire me. You can keep up to date with my continued adventures across all of my social media channels. 


Gareth... and thanks for reading.