Yesterday, I went for a walk...

'Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world'.

I decided yesterday to catch the train, head north and visit the beautiful Peak District. To grab some much needed fresh air and thinking time. I love the Peak District, so peaceful and picturesque, an area of outstanding natural beauty.  

The plan was pretty rushed, but I intended to catch the early train to Sheffield, then change to the regional Hope Valley line and head west towards Manchester, eventually stopping off in Edale, the starting point to the Pennine Way.

The weather was cold, windy and the clouds very low. There had been snow over night and the valley was looking pretty spectacular to say the least. Initially, I had thought about going up Kinder Scout, but as the level of cloud was low, it seemed silly to venture up there, as it is pretty bleak at the best of times.

Instead I took the winding road uphill and eventually made my way onto Rushup Edge. From here the clouds began to break and the views on both sides of the valley were pretty remarkable. It was fantastic having blue skies above, swirling low clouds and crisp snow underfoot.

Image shows: Looking back towards Rushup Edge.

After walking along the edge you hit the steep climb up towards Mam Tor, which is a popular destination with walkers from all around. I have summited this 'mini mountain' a million times before, but it is simply beautiful and the views are stunning. As they say... 'You can see for miles'.

Once at the top you slowly take the cobbled path down the mountain side and the 'Great Ridge' in all it's splendour is right there in front of you. A view to always remember and arguably a photographers paradise. 

Image shows: The Great Ridge

From here I ambled along a few hundred feet at a time, taking in the magnificent views and continually snapping away. A brief 'Hi!' to the walkers who pass by and then quick... another shot needed. Some people might think I'm mad, but I was enjoying myself and I was happy with that fact.

Thankfully, the weather was superb and it certainly helped to enhance the beauty of this particular area. Armed with 2 DSLR cameras and an Iphone, I captured almost everything possible.

I will add one or two more images to this blog and then further images (over time) to my Instagram feed  @garethmate

Furthermore, I have added a 'Steller Story' which will be embedded at the bottom of this page. I hope you enjoy that and it provides a link to my further Steller Stories online.

Image shows: The view back towards Mam Tor.