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Bob un cam, cer mla'n

With each step, go forward...

Wow! What a wonderful start to a brand new year. I've just spent a remarkable last few days, back home in the UK, exploring Wales, Snowdonia, Mid Wales and the picturesque Shropshire Hills. 

It was a fleeting visit, but a memorable one all the same. With myself and Claire @claireonline enjoying the delights of one of Europe's finest natural playgrounds.

I have compiled and uploaded a few photos here. These images were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7, whilst hiking and generally being active, in the mountains. The S7 turned out to be the ideal companion, while out in the field and I was able to snap on the go without a great deal of fuss. Really nice phone and good camera too.

Despite moving away and now living in the Netherlands, home will always be home and although happy, I really do often miss the rugged natural beauty that is so prevalent in the UK.

Unfortunately, I really can't but help display those feelings, as I'm an 'outdoors kind of guy' and being in the outdoors certainly defines my character and I guess is just in my blood.

I also have so many fond memories of this area, both as a child and as a 'hard working' University student... haha. Where I roamed the hills and paths for hours at a time studying how this beautiful location was formed and all the stunning physical features that can be found here.

As someone who thrives on being in the outdoors, happiest in the most remote locations and harshest conditions, I cannot help, but share my love for areas of such natural beauty. Snowdonia is a special place and Wales is a very beautiful country, with so much to see and do.

My next visit will most certainly involve exploring the South of Wales, with the beautiful Brecon Beacons, The Black Mountains, the stunning rugged coastlines of the Gower Peninsula and of course Pembrokeshire high on the to do list. It's been a while and I'd love to see it once more.

...I just need a little time to perhaps make things happen.

Thanks for reading and thanks #wales... you have been just perfect.

A selection of small images from the trip.

These and more images can be viewed on my Instagram page @garethmate

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