Travel - Visit to England

At the end of our summer break we managed to get a sneaky little trip back to the Peak District in England.  

It was great to see family once more and spend sometime roaming and feeling free. There are so many great walks, close to home, so the majority of time was simply spent in the outdoors.

Here are one or two images taken from that trip. It was nice to go back home, catch up with family and enjoy the surroundings.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't particularly very good, with pretty cool temperatures along with several wet and cold days. Although, such poor weather conditions weren't necessarily good. They certainly added to the atmosphere. 

You can see more images on my Instagram feed @garethmate

The following images are taken on the Roaches range, close to Roach End farm and moorland close to the village of Warslow. Two excellent locations, with great scenery.


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