Cycling Stories - My most recent musings

I'm pretty pleased with my cycling exploits at the moment, but slightly concerned with my obsessive cycling behaviour. It seems that as soon as I'm in the saddle, I just can't get out.

I've gone back to work now, after the summer break and the miles keep on coming.

As the picture shows, it's only Wednesday and I've somehow clocked 95 miles / 152 km.

I've also managed to inspire others... A friend at work now joins me for two days a week, he gets a good view of my backside and then proceeds to hold onto my back wheel for dear life, as we cycle everywhere. 

Joking aside, it is great company and stops my overplaying Spotify or stops me repeatedly talking to myself.

I'm not sure where this will lead or even end up, but I'm certainly enjoying cycling, exploring the Netherlands, taking photos and making the most of what life throws at me. I'm going to reach my goal of 5,000 miles / 8046 km and maybe some more.

As they say... You gotta be in it to win it.

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Some images from my daily route.