Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles

Here is my latest Outdoor Product review. In this particular post, I will be reviewing the Black Diamond's 'Ultra Distance' carbon fibre folding trekking poles. A 3-section Z-Pole combination and design, that features a flexible coated inner cord, a single push-button release system, together with the very handy Speed Cone technology that has Black Diamonds impressive avalanche probe design—a key component of Z-Poles'.

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Home of Millican - Roaming the Dutch Landscape

I'm a weekend roamer!

Roaming the Dutch Landscape is a great way to spend any given weekend. The Netherlands offers a diverse range of landscapes, in which any outdoors enthusiast can simply get outside, then wander and explore their surroundings.

Roaming the Dutch Landscape an outdoor article for Home of Millican #placestowanderandexplore

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