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Thanks for passing by and welcome to my Community page.

I'm mindful that this is my own personal website and it covers all the elements I enjoy, but I don't want it to be entirely that way. Therefore, I wanted to set up a community page that hopefully highlights and also celebrates others who have either influenced me or inspired me to develop my own creative ideas and follow a passion I really enjoy. 

Below is a list of 'creatives' I think are inspiring and by linking you to their work, I hope they will inspire you too.

If you would like to be part of the 'bigger picture' and develop something in a collaborative sense, then please drop me an email.


Inspiration Series

Click on the image below to find out more about my Inspiration Series and some Inspiring Individuals.

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Claire is based in the Netherlands and inspires me each and everyday with her humble approach, to her sensational work. Developed from the 'Sounds of Silence' Claire has created the perfect niche, with her inspiring photography and spoken word. Read more of her great blogs and also admire in her creative and captivating photography skills.


Potty Adventures


I have followed David and family for some time now and I really enjoy following their wonderful blog called Potty Adventures. It is a great website and blog, with some wonderful content that covers all things outdoors.




The Winged Fork


TheWingedFork is where Abby shares her love of travel and adventure, and her eccentric taste in food. Her blog is a reminder that no matter what you do in your regular life, you can always make the time to travel, because travel is the heartbeat of life. Abby’s tells some adventurous stories and some blah stories; but more than that, Abby tells stories that get you caught up in them from the get-go, and leave you planning your next adventure.   


Craft Invaders


The Craft Invaders blog is where Sarah Whiting shares her creative ideas to inspire families to spend more time outdoors interacting with nature. With a focus on nature crafts, foraging and developing outdoor skills, she believes that everyone, whatever their age, gains huge benefit from spending time outside connecting with their surroundings.


Chapters & Adventures


I really enjoy reading Rob's blog and following in the footsteps of his adventures. Another inspiring website with some wonderful personal stories.



To Outdoors and Beyond


To Outdoors & Beyond is a blog about the outdoors and how it is the perfect remedy for everyday life; the stress & anxieties it brings & how you can achieve good physical & mental health by being getting outside.


Average Joe Adventures


Adventure, Advice and Inspiration. We're All about Outdoor Adventures and showing that you don't have to partake in massive expeditions to enjoy a bit of adventure.


Attila Adam Photo


Inspiring photography and words from Attila, who is based out in Sunny California. Definitely well worth checking out his creative content.


Vincent Croce


I have followed Vincent for many years and become friends mainly due being to his beautiful Instagram feed. Vincent is a landscape and nature photographer based in the region of Twente, in the Netherlands. He loves the Great Outdoors and rises early in order to maximise opportunities to capture natural light within the majority of his work.


Brian Mate


My father and probably my greatest source of inspiration. A wonderful man, husband and grandfather. A person who always gives, rather than takes. He is a funny guy and always has a story to tell. You can read more of his rubbish below.


A wonderful website all about sustainable life design. Hosted by a family of sustainable life designers. Walking places and making/creating things by hand. A great range of workshops available on their website. All in the beautiful picturesque countryside of Romania.

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