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You can read my Cycling Blog Here.

You can read my Cycling Blog Here.

I Cycle...

Cycling is one of the most accessible sports on the planet. It can also be one of the most brutal, from amateur cyclists testing themselves to the limit in a sportive to professional racers competing in the toughest challenges around the world.

It is a sport which also gives anyone who takes to two wheels an enormous sense of freedom. Pedaling freely and leaving the stresses of daily life behind, without a care in the world. Whether you cycle on your own or within a group. Commute through the city or enjoy meandering through your local country lanes. There’s little that can beat the beautiful simplicity of riding a bike.

Here you can share in some of my adventures out on the bike. 

Cycle for Change

One thing my parents told me as a young boy growing up, was to make sure I did 'one thing in my life that helped to make a difference.'

Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to define exactly what that might mean or how it might look, so for many years, I have deliberated over many different ideas or scenarios. As a result, I feel by writing this section I have done my best to perhaps fulfil that dream or expectations put upon me and obviously hope that my story goes some way to help explain this. Read more.

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Cycling is more than just a Sport

More to follow.

Life in the Bike Lane

Since moving to the Netherlands around three years ago the majority of my days are spent outside, cycling in the bike lane. To most people out there, this might sound rather mad or perhaps even peculiar, but it is all in fact entirely true. After 'Brexiting' the Motherland and I guess becoming part of Dutch culture I decided to make some changes in my life. Changes that were perhaps easy to consider, but in reality, much harder to actually implement. Read more

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How to stay safe on your bike

More to follow.

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