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All images are taken on my Smartphone.

Natural World

'All good things are wild and free'.

I love being outside and I really enjoy experiencing all things natural, from landscapes, animals, weather...anything really. Just as long as I'm in the outdoors.

The natural world is something that interests me and inspire me, something that is befitting of the person I am and of course want to be. Most of my life has been spent outside, utilising my surroundings and embracing this wonderful environment. Whether that has been through work, pleasure or sporting activities.

This gallery shows some of the many beautiful experiences I have encountered, while being outside in nature.

All of the above images are taken out on a hike, cycle or run, using my Smartphone. That is how I like and tend to capture most of my images. Making the most of a spontaneous moment, a moment in time.

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Here I will update images from my latest outdoor adventures.