Gareth Mate

Hello my name is Gareth. I’m an Englishman, originally from Staffordshire, now living in the Netherlands. I'm a teacher, who teaches and inspires children to achieve, develop confidence and be the best they can be.

With that, I love my career and love my life. I teach for 5 days a week and for the other two days... I find myself again.

I crave / demand fresh air and actively seek enjoyment from many pursuits that embrace the beautiful world around me. I love all sports, love to travel, embrace the outdoors and have a real passion for photography. I'm no expert and I always consider myself as 'new and learning'. Therefore I'm always seeking every opportunity to develop my photography, connect with people and places around the globe.

Documenting a my life through a photography and written words has always been something that has interested me. As it provides me with an opportunity to share my thoughts, interests, hopes and dreams all through my love of imagery.

With the constraints of a busy life, time is the only factor that can often hamper this. Although, I have the philosophy that in my life 'anything is possible'. You just have to get out there and enjoy it!

With a positive mind and time on my side, enjoyment can be had and fulfillment achieved, in everything I choose to do.

'Life may not always appear to be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance'.

Thank you so much for looking through my website. I hope you'll find something you enjoy.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, queries or just want to say hi! then please do not hesitate to contact me via the email address below.

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This is me (contemplating) at one of my favourite spots.

The Roaches, Staffordshire, England.