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Forest Schools Education

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I'm a Qualified Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioner, with experience of planning, setting up and running a Forest School.

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Residential Visits

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I have over 15 years experience of planning and running educational visits in the Peak District, UK.

All residential visits have been sourced and led by myself.

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Blog Posts related to Education

Here are a series of Blog Posts relating to the outdoors and education. Please click on the links below to read some more.

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Outdoor Education Shop

I have a wide variety of teaching resources available on my TES Resources site. I am adding to this site frequently and you can purchase what is available here.

I can also make resources on request. Please contact me to find out more.

Buy My Book

You are now able to buy my new book, by clicking on the image below.

This book is a practical guide to outdoor learning and in particular my own experiences developing and running a successful Forest School, within the Primary Curriculum.

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