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About Me

My name is Gareth. I’m an Englishman, originally from the Peak District, Staffordshire, UK and now I'm living in the Netherlands. I'm a teacher, who teaches and inspires young adults to achieve their potential, develop confidence, in the hope of being... the best they can be.

With that said, I love my career and my life. I teach for 5 days a week and on the other two days... I find myself again.

I crave and demand fresh air and actively seek enjoyment from the many pursuits that embrace the beautiful world around me. I love all sports, love to travel, embrace the outdoors and have a passion for documenting those amazing experiences through the combination of photography and written words.

I'm no expert, I'm not a photographer or a writer and would always consider myself as 'new and learning'. Therefore, I'm always seeking every opportunity to develop and refine those skills, connect with like minded people, from different locations around the globe.

Documenting my life through photography and written words has always been something that has interested me. It provides me with an opportunity to share my thoughts, interests, hopes and dreams and within this website & blog, I hope to share some of those stories that reflect upon my life, travels, adventures and experiences.

So... with the constraints of a busy life, time is the only factor that can often hamper this. Although, I live by the philosophy that in my life... 'anything is possible'. You just have to get out there and get on with it. So, with a positive mind and a little time on my side, enjoyment can be had and fulfilment achieved, in all I choose to do.

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Terra Nova Equipment & Extremities 

Recently I have been lucky enough to work with Terra Nova Equipment and test out some amazing products by Extremities. That have kept me suitably warm and dry out on my bike or generally in the outdoors. You can read my product review here.

Home of Millican

Pleased to announce a new collaboration with the wonderful people at Home of Millican. An outdoor and sustainable bag company based in the heart of the stunningly beautiful Lake District. Wonderful stylish and crafted items for the conscious traveller, the deep-thinker, and for personal journeys across the globe. Read more here.

Quad Lock

Quad Lock Europe is a manufacturer of the very best Bike Mounts and Running Armbands for iPhone & Galaxy Smartphones. It has fabulous to collaborate with them out on my every day cycle excursions. You can read my thoughts on this wonder product here.

Black Diamond

I really love Black Diamond products, so it was amazing to recently work with them and test out some of their fabulous outdoor equipment. The Distance Z Carbon Trekking Poles have become an amazing addition to my outdoor kit bag. You can read the latest blog post here.

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